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This Policy relating the personal data processing (hereinafter — «Policy») adopted and acts in CSI Group LLC, located 1, Melnitskiy pereulok, Moscow, 105120, Russian Federation (hereinafter – "Company").

The Company considers as its most important tasks compliance with the principles of legality, fairness and confidentiality in the processing of personal data, as well as ensuring the safety of their processing.

The Company collects, processes and protects personal data that you, as a user (the «User»), provide to the Company by using its websites and mobile applications (hereinafter — «sites») from any device and in communication with the Company in any form in accordance with this Policy.

Using the Company's websites and providing us with the personal data, the User agrees to let his personal data be processed in compliance with this Policy.

The Company does not verify the reliability of the personal data provided by Users and does not have the ability to assess their legal capacity. However, the Company assumes that Users provide reliable and sufficient personal data and keep this information up to date.

The Company undertakes the necessary legal, organizational and technical measures to ensure the security and confidentiality of personal data in accordance with the requirements of international treaties, the legislation of the Russian Federation and the by-laws on the processing and protection of personal data.

1. General provisions
"Personal data" shall mean any information relating direct or indirectly to the identified or identifiable person.
"Processing" shall mean any act (operation) or a set of acts (operations) performed, whether or not by automatic means, upon information and data relating to Confidential Information, such as verification, confirmation, collection, recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, specification (update, change), extraction, use, transfer (distribution, providing, access), depersonalization, blocking, erasure or destruction.

2. Composition of the personal data
The Company collects:
Personal data provided by the User when completing the feedback form on our websites and subscribing to the newsletter, if any;
personal data and other information contained in messages that the User sends to the Company;
technical data that is automatically transmitted by the device through which the User uses our sites, including device specifications, IP address, information stored in the cookies that have been sent to the user's device, browser information, date and time of access to the site, addresses of requested pages and other similar information;
other User's data which the latter puts on the Company's websites.

3. Purposes of the personal data processing
The Company processes the personal data of Users solely for the purposes for which they were provided, including:
• providing the User with information about the Company, services and activities;
• registration of Users on our sites to provide them with access to its certain sections;
• communication with User when he applies to the Company;
• sending news materials;
• for other purposes at the request of the User.

The Company processes technical data for:
• maintenance of functioning and safety, and improvement of quality of our sites;
• answers to questions from Users.
We do not post your personal information in public sources. We do not take decisions affecting the rights and legitimate interests of Users solely on the basis of automated processing of personal data.

4. Rights and obligations of the User
Users of the Company's websites, being subjects of personal data, shall be entitled to:
• demand update of their personal data, their blocking or destruction if such data are incomplete, outdated, unreliable, illegally received or not required for the requested processing purpose, as well as enforce any legal actions to protect their rights;
• request the list of their personal data being processed by the Company and their source.
• receipt information on the period of processing of their personal data including their storage period;
• request notification of all persons, who have previously received their incorrect or incomplete personal data, of any removals, amendments of or additions to their personal data;
• appeal to the authority responsible for protection of the rights of personal data owners or to a court any illegal actions or omissions which are committed during processing of their personal data;
• protect their rights and legal interests, including claim indemnification and (or) compensation for immaterial damage in a court.

5. How to contact us
You can make an inquiry at our Company regarding the processing of your personal data by sending us a letter with the subject «An inquiry about personal data» (or «Withdrawal of consent to the processing of personal data» in case of withdrawal of consent to the processing of personal data) to the following e-mail address: personal@csi.group or to the postal address: Melnitsky pereulok 1, Moscow, Russian Federation, 105120.

6. Personal data protection
In the course of the personal data processing we undertake any necessary and sufficient legal, organizational and technical measures to protect the personal data from an unauthorized or accidental access, destruction, amendment, locking, copying, submission, distribution as well as from any other illegal actions regarding the personal data.
To protect information from unauthorized access when transferring personal data through international information exchange networks a secure connection is used.
The Company adopted local acts on personal data. Employees of the Company who have access to personal data are familiar with this Policy and local acts on personal data.

7. Cross-border personal data transfer
The Company transfers User's personal data to other countries. The Company takes all necessary measures to ensure the confidentiality and safety of the User's personal data.
Cross-border personal data transfer is carried out only to those foreign states that ensure adequate level of protection of personal data.
Cross-border personal data transfer to other states that do not ensure adequate level of protection is carried out only with the written consent of the User or for the performance of the contract under which the User is a party of it, as well as in other cases provided for by the legislation of the Russian Federation on personal data.

8. Termination of personal data processing
The Company terminates processing of the User's personal data:
• upon occurrence of termination conditions of personal data processing or when the given period is expired;
• upon reaching purposes of their processing or in case when no further need exists to achieve such;
• on User's request if processed personal data are illegally received or not necessary for the declared objectives of processing;
• in case of revealing of the illegal personal data processing, if it is impossible to ensure the legality of processing;
• upon the expiry of the consent for the processing of personal data period or in case of the withdrawal of such consent, if there is no other legal basis for processing personal data provided for by the legislation of the Russian Federation;
• in case of liquidation of the Company.

9. Cookies
This site uses cookies, including cookies of the third parties, to send advertisements and provide online services according to your preferences.
• If you want to refuse all cookies, click on «Refuse cookies» on the banner. Closing a banner with information about using cookies or scrolling a page that contains this information or clicking on any element of this page, you agree to use cookies.
• «Cookie» is a small text file that a website asks your browser to store on your computer or mobile device. Cookies allow the site to «remember» the user's actions or preferences for a long time.
The User can configure their browsers to abandon the receipt of certain types of cookies or specific cookies. Moreover, you can delete cookies at any time from your computer or mobile device.

10. Links to third-party sites
Links to websites and services of the third parties which the Company cannot control can be posted on Company's websites. The Company does not bear responsibility for the safety and confidentiality of any information collected by the lateral sites or services.

11. Policy updates
The Company can modify and update this Policy in accordance with the need and requirements of the law. The Company is not obliged to notify Users of these changes. Shall you proceed using our web site after Policy changes are made you are deemed to confirm your agreement to modifications made.

If there are any questions left about the Policy, please, do not hesitate to contact staff in charge for personal data processing in the Company, sending a letter with the object indication «Personal data request» to the e-mail: personal@csi.group or to the postal address: Melnitsky pereulok 1, Moscow, Russian Federation, 105120.