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Compliance is maintaining policies and procedures that prevent your organization and employees from breaking laws and regulations.

Benefits of Compliance infrastructure in place:

  • It can help your organization avoid bad practices that disrupt operations and put your company at risk;
  • Makes sure all areas of your organization are working together and maintaining standards to prevent major disasters and failures;
  • Enforcing compliance in your corporate policy will help your company prevent and detect violations of rules, and save your organization from fines and lawsuits;
  • When employees are competently trained in compliance, they are more likely to recognize and report illegal or unethical activity;
  • It protects your brand, your reputation, increases investor confidence and saves you money.

CSI Group approach of Compliance infrastructure development

By adopting an uncomplicated, yet proven three-stage approach, working with your key process owners, we can quickly build a picture of your business' current Compliance infrastructure status.

Establishing a baseline, understanding necessary 'Internal' Policies and Procedures and 'External' Regulatory requirements, we provide gap analyses and prioritized mitigation solutions.

Consolidating this information enables us to coordinate effective and practical change, delivering regulatory risk assurance.

Current Status Assessment

CSI Group team performs detailed review of current compliance infrastructure checking:

  • appropriate policies and procedures in place;
  • employees comply with the policies;
  • any difficulties in policies enforcement;
  • control alert mechanisms in place;
  • policies violations;
  • risk matrix is accurate.

Recommendations for Improvement:

Our team in constant communication with stakeholders from the client side develops recommendations on compliance infrastructure improvements aligning with company's strategic goals. Recommendations cover all areas of compliance:

  • Policies and Procedures;
  • Updating of other corporate documents;
  • Cybersecurity matters;
  • IT management;
  • Redesign of risky business processes (e.g. procurement, distribution, finance, etc.)
  • Control implementation (third party integrity due diligence, hotlines, automated workflow, Information Management, fraud management systems, etc.)
  • Employees' training and awareness programs.

Hands-on Support:

We provide to the client the project team of experienced compliance experts and IT tools to build custom Compliance infrastructure and close the gap between current and desired state.

CSI Group team performs end-to-end support with:

  • Implementation of automated third-party risk scoring;
  • Implementation of compliance hotlines;
  • Software license compliance reviews;
  • Implementation of incident response strategies;
  • Implementation of software asset management;
  • Review of investments to IT and rising its effectiveness;
  • Implementation of cybersecurity controls for regulatory compliance;
  • Compliance training performance reviews;
  • Compliance reviews of counterparties;
  • Compliance investigations.