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The volume of electronic information in corporate systems is growing exponentially, with the data being distributed across various types of devices and systems: laptops, servers, smartphones, databases, backup tapes, collaboration tools, clouds storages, etc. To identify required and often critical information within limited timeframes becomes increasingly difficult, and it's virtually impossible to verify that you have not missed any important documents.

CSI Group utilizes modern technology solutions to help organizations to reduce data volumes, minimize risks and facilitate easy access to important information for the purposes of investigations, serving regulatory requests, data privacy and IP protection.

The Corporate eDiscovery and Information Management system provides:

  • Archiving: Permanently control your most critical business information such as e-mail and electronic documents from different sources.
  • eDiscovery: Identify insights, perform internal investigations and audits faster and with higher precision. Minimize the costs and time by using advanced indexing technology, text-analytics and reporting capabilities.
  • Review: Fully defensible supervision environment for effective monitoring and review of organizational policies to identify fraud, policy violations, or misplaced sensitive data.
  • Legacy Data Clean-up: Reduce future storage and maintenance costs of legacy systems.
The Corporate Information Management and eDiscovery system provides a secured and instant access to your business information, in accordance with strict access model, and provides ability to search, review and analyze the data. The system is available to many diverse business units: senior management, compliance, legal, security and investigations, finance and internal audit.

CSI Group provides full scope support to organizations in development of internal Information governance infrastructure in accordance with EDRM and international best practices:

  • Identification of business requirements to the system and assessment of vendor's proposals;
  • Development of information management policies and procedures in accordance with local and international legislation;
  • Deployment of the Information Management and eDiscovery system and connecting it to all required data sources;
  • Training of users and administrators.
Information Governance and eDiscovery Readiness