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CSI Group provides the following solutions in the areas of corporate and business intelligence:
  • Integrity due diligence services (enhanced integrity due diligence, background checks, KYC, employees' screenings);
  • Asset tracing and recovery support;
  • Disputes and litigation support;
  • Political risk assessments;
  • Market entry support;
  • Defamation protection / Reputation recovery;
  • Vendor Mass Screening.

Integrity Due Diligence Services
We provide the following three levels of Integrity Due Diligence ("IDD"):

Level 1: Basic
Analysis of public sources of information only (including media, databases etc).

Level 2: Standard
Comprises of Level 1 plus enquiries to our industry sources (including the target's counterparties, affiliations, former employees, our specialized information sources etc).

Level 3: Extended
A combination of Level 1 and 2 and supported by expert team's visit to the target's office (following the agreement between you and the target) for performance of an overall assessment of the business partner's activities in terms of business integrity and compliance (e.g. FCPA compliance). On completion of the IDD we will provide you with a comprehensive report, detailing the results and our recommendations for mitigation of identified risks.


Most recent assignments involved:
  • Central & Eastern Europe
  • Baltics
  • Russia & CIS
  • South-East Asia

Asset Tracing & Recovery Support

When required:
  • Bankruptcy cases;
  • Fraud investigations;
  • International litigations;
  • M&A projects;
  • Divorce cases (e.g. concealing of marital property by one of spouses).

We search for:
  • Real estate property;
  • Business interests;
  • Equities;
  • Bank accounts;
  • Luxury Assets (yachts, jewelry, arts, etc).

Asset recovery:

  • Settlement;
  • Litigation.
GEOGRAPHY: Global with local partners' support in different jurisdictions.

Most recent assignments involved:

  • Switzerland, France, Luxembourg, Israel, Montenegro, Cyprus, Hong Kong, South Korea.

Disputes & Litigations Support

We provide information support to lawyers in the following cases:
  • International litigations;
  • Cross-border investigations;
  • Asset tracing;
  • M&A deals;
  • Business restructuring;
  • Divorce cases;
  • Defamation protection / Reputation recovery;
  • Intellectual property protection.

Most recent assignments involved:
UK, Sweden, France, Cyprus, CIS region

Sanctions and Watch-lists checks

We perform the following types of checks:
  • Country based sanctions checks.
  • Regulatory records and watch-lists checks, PEPs.
  • Analysis of information from local and international sources such as regulatory enforcement authorities, law enforcement agencies and financial regulators (FCPA, UK Bribery Act, Sapin II, FATCA, PEP lists, etc).
  • Local legislative requirements 'analysis.
  • Review and analysis of legislative and statutory acts related to industry and region of your interest with major focus on any matters which may affect your business.
GEOGRAPHY: United States, EU, Russia & CIS, Middle East and South-East Asia.

Automated Vendor Mass Screening

When you need to conduct integrity due diligence on many counterparties, we are happy to propose our Automated Vendor Mass Screening solution.

The Mass Screening is performed by an automated tool which reviews a wide range of publicly available sources for analysis of over 70 different criteria. The automated tool assigns specific scores for all companies checked. Each risk criterion has its own weight. The weight of the criterion is based on its significance, our understanding of key risk factors in Russia and previous mass screening checks.

On completion, we provide a comprehensive report summarizing:
  • all risks identified;
  • prioritization of counterparties based on their risk scoring;
  • analysis of cross-affiliations between the counterparties;
  • recommendations for further steps with each counterparty;
  • all supporting documents, confirming the identified risk levels.
GEOGRAPHY: Russia & Kazakhstan.

Political Risks Assessments

We perform political risks assessments as follows:

  • Review of political risk factors that may affect your business operations in a certain jurisdiction, including country-by-country operations.
  • Analysis of potential short to medium term changes in politics / society and their potential impact on your business in a certain jurisdiction. Prediction of risks that may arise from potential political change and analysis their potential business impact.
  • Analysis of interconnections between different politically exposed persons and businesses.
  • Evaluation of identified risks. Elaboration of recommendations and cooperation models aimed at reducing the impact of political risk on your business. Determination of the acceptability of residual risk.
GEOGRAPHY: CIS countries, Middle East and South-East Asia.

Market Entry Support

We support your business expansion by performing the following:
  • Overview of the key industries and largest enterprises;
  • Overview of current political situation;
  • Detailed profiles of key business representatives;
  • Analysis of any unofficial ties between local authorities and business representatives;
  • Assessment of major risks for investing in any specific industry in the region and measures for mitigation.
GEOGRAPHY: CIS countries, Middle East and South-East Asia.

Defamation Protection / Reputation Recovery

When you are facing reputational damage and defamation from competitors while entering new complex projects (e.g. negative publications in media, blogs, forums etc.), we can provide a full scope support which may include the following:
  • Identification of primary sources of the negative information and their beneficiaries.
  • Understanding of the information expansion area.
  • Development and distribution of respective PR materials.
  • SEO support.
  • Development of legal protective measures.
  • Support during communication with authorities and litigation procedures.
  • 24/7 automated monitoring of public sources for any newly published negative materials.

Most recent assignments involved:

Eastern Europe, Balkans and CIS countries