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Forensic due diligence

Forensic due diligence is a crucial part of any corporate transaction, especially M&A deals in the CIS region.

Whilst financial, tax or HR due diligence provide you the indicators for the value of the company or internal processes efficiency, forensic due diligence can significantly influence the closure of the deal, sometimes being a deal breaker, or an influencing factor of a significant discount.

Warranty clauses or other contractual safeguards in M&A deals will not cover all aspects of losses that can be incurred, such as damaged reputation, erosion of trust, loss of management time, dissipating of assets, decisions based on "creative" financial reporting, etc. The risks of fraud, corruption and failure of an acquired business to comply with regulations should be top of any investor's priority.

CSI Group local and international experience in forensic due diligence will help you to mitigate risks and make your negotiating position much stronger, focusing on:

  • Professional profiling interviews with key decision makers;
  • Forensic accounting;
  • Review of primary supporting documents from a real substance standpoint;
  • Off-Balance transactions review;
  • Background checks;
  • Analysis of transactions with affiliated companies;
  • Compliance and regulatory risks assessment;
  • Understanding of internal control effectiveness, etc.

Contract discovery and virtual data room preparation

Handling any kind of complex corporate transaction, like M&A, venture capital or private equity, refinancing or fundraising, you focus on efficiency of the process, completeness of the data set and quality of analysis.

CSI Group provides comprehensive technological assistance with preparation and management of transaction related information. Our eDiscovery solution is available both as hosting and on-premise and provides the following:

  • Automatic collection and filtering of agreements from non-agreements.
  • Automatic analysis and classification of the content of agreements in different languages to identify contractual obligations, risks and opportunities.
  • Fast organization of documents in the required structure for your Virtual Data Room.
  • Support in identification and completion of missing documentation.
  • Identification of deal risks by analyzing the content of contracts before you upload them into a Virtual Data Room.
  • Redaction of sensitive and privacy related information before uploading to a Virtual Data Room.
    Corporate Transactions
    Pre-transaction stage

    • Information separation;
    • Contract discovery and analysis;
    • Due diligence red flag identification;
    • Virtual Data Room preparation;
    • Intellectual property and privacy protection;
    • Pre-Merger notification and Second request.

    Post-transaction stage

    • Verification of representations and warranties;
    • Privacy and data protection issues identification and solving;
    • Data cleansing and structuring.
    Technologies provided by CSI Group bring value whether you represent either the purchase or selling organization