Intellectual Property and Brand Protection
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CSI Group provides complex support to companies to protect their brand names, trademarks and intellectual property rights from illegal usage in Europe and CIS. We support our clients in various matters related to IP and brand protection:

  • Illegal usage of client's trademarks and intellectual property online and offline;
  • Selling of counterfeit products;
  • Parallel or "gray import" from another territory;
  • Violation of license agreement for software and technology;
  • Software piracy;
  • Intellectual property theft;
  • Intellectual property ownership disputes;
  • Compliance of partners and licensees;
  • Domain name management.

We have successful track record of supporting clients from different industries:

  • Fashion and Luxury goods
  • Consumer goods
  • Automotive
  • Electronic Equipment
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Entertainment and Media
  • Industrial and medical devices
  • Software and Technology

Online monitoring

CSI group has developed automated monitoring solution to trace illegal usage of client's brand names, trademarks and other objects of IP rights in the Internet. Our tools screen all channels which could be used for promotion of goods and services violating our client's rights:

  • Search query outputs;
  • Advertising networks;
  • Social networks;
  • Marketplaces;
  • Web stores.
Monitoring results contain description of violations ranged by level of risk and supported by fixed evidence.

Escalation and law enforcement

CSI Group provides escalation assistance to enforce compliance with intellectual property protection legislation:

  • Website administrators, hosting providers and domain name registrars notifications;
  • Notifications of IP protection departments of marketplaces, social networks, search systems.
  • Enforcement via police and courts in partnership with local law firms.

Program code analysis

CSI Group assist clients in disputes related to ownership ant theft of intellectual property. Our software developers and forensic experts provide independent analysis of:

  • Software development process;
  • Source code of programs;
  • Signs of data and intellectual property misappropriation.